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Calculated expiry date field (given production date and validity period)

Purpose of this recipe

You have a table for handling items that expire (for example, medications, groceries, raw materials that expire, support contracts, … etc). You want to specify the production date (or setup/install date or so), the validity period (in days, months … etc), and have the expiry date automatically calculated.

This can be achieved by using a calculated field, and entering an SQL query similar to the one below.

Files to edit

This SQL query below can be added in AppGini: Add an expiry_date field of type DATE to your table, and in the Calculated field tab, add the following SQL query:

SELECT DATE_ADD(`production_date`, INTERVAL `validity_period` MONTH) FROM `tablename` WHERE `id`='%ID%'

In the above query, replace production_date with the actual name of the production/install date field, validity_period with the actual field name of the validity period, tablename with the actual table name, and id with the actual name of the primary key field. If validity period field is in days, change MONTH to DAY. Other valid values include WEEK, YEAR, and some others.