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Hide the 'Add new' (+) button beside a lookup field

Purpose of this recipe

AppGini allows you to quickly add a parent record while editing a child record by clicking a button in the child form.

For example, let’s say you have an orders table, and when you create a new order, you can specify the customer, which is a lookup field with the parent being the customers table. And let’s say you’re creating an order for a new customer. You don’t have to first define the customer. Just start a new order, and from there, you can directly add a new customer. See the screenshot below.

This is quite convenient and time-saving. However, sometimes you don’t want to display this + button. This recipe tells you how to hide it.

Files to edit


    $j(function() { $j('#customers_add_new').remove(); })

(replace customers above with the actual name of the parent table for the concerned lookup field)